Just three weeks after the release of her latest track GASLIGHT! (feat. Siiickbrain)Maggie Lindemann is back with another new song in Scissorhands. This is the third song from her upcoming EP Paranoia, which is due out January 22, 2021 through Caroline Records and her own label, swixxzaudio.

Listen to Scissorhands HERE. 

Obviously, this song was inspired by the classic 90’s film, Edward Scissorhands.  The film on the surface is classic Tim Burton – fun and silly – but underneath it speaks to loneliness and the challenges in society to be accepted” said Maggie of Scissorhands.

Scissorhands further expands on Maggie’s artistic growth, with a dark punk/pop vibe resonating throughout the entire track. Maggie’s third song of the year is a strong example of her ability to make powerful, dramatic songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener and remain unequivocally catchy.

Since her 2015 debut, Maggie Lindemann has quietly emerged as one of pop’s most subversive forces. Without a filter, her uncompromising approach drove the breakout Pretty Girl to platinum status and over 1 billion streams in addition to anthems such as Obsessed (64.6 million Spotify streams) and Couple of Kids (38.3 million Spotify streams). She capped off 2019 with Friends Go [feat. Travis Barker], which Ones To Watch described as “an electrifying, almost retro pop track. 2019 also brought a scare in Malaysia with immigration (she wound up in jail, on house arrest and standing trial twice—due to a visa issue).

The experience proved life changing as upon her return to the US, Maggie turned her feelings towards more new music. At that point, she held absolutely nothing back in the studio. Along the way, she also successfully launched her SWIXXZ clothing line and recently introduced her own podcast, swixxzaudio during quarantine to combat the loneliness of it all. At 22 years of age, Maggie has truly uncovered her voice as a songwriter and injected a fierce dose of honesty regarding anxieties, obsessions, and insecurities into her new material. Her most recent track release, GASLIGHT! (feat. Siiickbrain), was heralded by Affinity Magazine as “the most unique, daring and bold track Lindemann has ever released — and perhaps her best as well.”

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