SEASICK STEVE has continued to build anticipation for the 24 July release of his new album LOVE & PEACE in his time-honoured way – by plugging in and blasting out some timeless boogie blues. He’s been performing from his kitchen live on Facebook every Sunday night, and has released the homemade LIVE TO AN EMPTY ROOM concert video. You can watch it here:

That blend of inventiveness and dogged determination is also present in the video for his brand-new track CLOCK IS RUNNING. Setting Seasick’s raw riffage to Dan Magnusson’s rollicking rhythms, the song’s message is simple and one that countless people are looking forward to doing again – hit the road, see the world and take a chance while you still can.

The video also plays on that concept of making the most of things. How can you make a compelling visual in lockdown? Seasick filmed himself jamming the song on the porch and sent the footage to New Beach to work their magic. The result is an imaginative animated video which brings a simple idea to life, and surely the only time you’ll see him playing an imaginary guitar.

Seasick commented, “Since we all locked up, I was thinking about music. I was supposed to be going on tour, but now I can’t do it. For me, music is all about y’all … it’s about playing for people. I surely miss you all and wish I could be out there playing for you”.

Both CLOCK IS RUNNING and the title track are available as instant downloads for fans who pre-order the album from Seasick’s official store at as well as being available on all streaming platforms. The album’s various formats include a heavyweight clear vinyl packaged with a signed print of the cover.

LOVE & PEACE finds Seasick Steve mixing up all of his much-loved ingredients to deliver a fresh new record that offers the perfect antidote for the troubled times in which we live. Full of hope for the future, it’s a great mix of boogie, blues, rock, Americana and folk – all delivered in his unique style.

Please see his official website for the latest updates on forthcoming live shows.

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