With collabs and remixes with an A-Z list of world-famous artists and a phenomenal 3.8 billion+ streams to date on Spotify alone, Norwegian duo Seeb are firmly established as one of dance music’s highest profile success stories. While they’re best known for their work with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Mike Posner and many more, their quest to connect with like-minded artists results in collabs with rising stars too. Now they bring their latest such endeavour as they team up with Alexander Stewart for the single ‘Would You Lie’. Listen HERE. Watch the official video HERE.

‘Would You Lie’ is a collaboration that feels so natural you wonder how the two artists haven’t teamed up before. Alexander’s voice possesses the star quality and enticing pop appeal that first made him such a big hit on YouTube, whileSeeb’s love of big, insistent melodies and dynamite, dancefloor-friendly drops is the perfect vehicle for his talents. In fact, both artists share a skill for elevating melancholy moods into utterly uplifting songs.

Seeb commented, “One beautiful spring day at the end of May, in our hometown Oslo, we unexpectedly ran into Alex and Joki in our studio.  They had started working on this song idea that we immediately liked. Alex called it ‘Would you lie’. Then when they had left for the day, we snuck into the studio, copied the recordings and started working on it. Then a few weeks later we had a finished version, dont think Alex even realized we had been doing anything until he heard it the next day. So much fun.

Alex has a unique and melancholic voice, a great tone that speaks to us in a way not many singers do, and has become yet another special friend on our musical journey”.

Alexander added, “I was traveling in Europe doing lots of writing, and at the very end of the trip, I had 2 days in Oslo. I went to the studio and started writing a song that felt pretty exciting called “would you lie”. I ended up running into Seeb at the studio and they loved it! A few weeks later, I was told they started working on it, and literally the next day they sent over basically the finished version. I love how organic this whole process was, and the mix between our sounds on the record is something super special”.

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