K-pop icon SEVENTEEN dropped their Best Album 17 IS RIGHT HERE with an avant garde music video for the lead single “MAESTRO.”

Whimsically based on the group’s signature sound ‘SEVENTEEN RIGHT HERE,’ Best Album 17 IS RIGHT HERE is a proud testament to SEVENTEEN’s current dominance and a vow for the future. Composed of 2 CDs, the album presents 4 new tracks, Korean versions of 8 previously-released Japanese lead singles, 20 lead singles from past Korean releases, and a digital-only instrumental version of the group’s debut single, “Adore U.”

Listen to the full album HERE

This extensive tracklist featuring the band’s celebrated discography is a reminder of SEVENTEEN’s self progression and their relentless evolution as artists, while the newly added tracks signal a promising way forward with much more to unveil.

The new lead single “MAESTRO” best represents such progression, weaving in elements from the band’s past 7 releases– “Adore U,” “VERY NICE,” “Oh My!”, “Fear,” “Rock with you,” “CHEERS,” and “Super”– while innovating a style and concept vastly original to itself. Aligning with the group’s core message around solidarity, this captivating dance R&B track illustrates how together, we can orchestrate our own universe like a ‘maestro.’

Further amplifying this message, the cinematic music video for “MAESTRO” is set in a dark dystopian world where anything, including music and art, can be easily created with technology. The 13 members explore the concept of ‘true creation’ as they confront and eventually embrace the unfamiliar beings introduced to them, ending the video with a thought-provoking question, “Who is the real MAESTRO?”

In addition to the lead single, the creative powerhouse showcases their versatility through three distinct unit tracks. “LALALI” captures Hip-hop Unit’s laid-back confidence, while “Spell” delivers Performance Unit’s sensual sentiment of love and “Cheers to youth” embodies Vocal Unit’s celebration of simple joys of life. Members including WOOZI, S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, VERNON, THE 8, and DINO have all taken part in the production.

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