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SHAUN FARRUGIA releases debut EP

Rising artist and songwriter Shaun Farrugia releases his long awaited debut EP ‘Heaven Like Mine’

Rising artist and songwriter Shaun Farrugia releases his long awaited debut EP ‘Heaven Like Mine’, alongside new single and stunning music video ‘Vertigo’, stream here and watch here.

‘Vertigo’ is the final track on the EP which showcases Shaun’s emotional vulnerability more than ever, complete with a euphoric piano hook built upon cinematic soundscapes, encompassing an essence of alternative rock while expressing the whirlwind that comes from loving someone through a heartfelt ballad. The video, directed by Simon Lane (Tom Grennan, Cian Ducrot, Bastille) is set on a desolate shoreline with the focal point appearing as a couple who go through the motions of love, anger and forgiveness portrayed in the means of contemporary dance.

Commenting on ‘Vertigo’, Shaun says: “Vertigo is a song I wrote when I felt lost and vulnerable and needed someone to pick me up and help me rebuild. I felt at my lowest in these moments, like everything was spiralling out of control, and that’s what I tried to capture with this record”

‘Heaven Like Mine’ is tinged with emotion that’s both elevating yet deeply poignant, and continues to showcase the rising star’s effortlessly rich and raspy vocals against a backdrop of alt-pop goodness. Lined five tracks deep, the EP is delicately furnished with themes surrounding love, acceptance and modern day anxieties. Featuring previous singles ‘Dear God’ and ‘Count On You’, title track ‘Heaven Like Mine’ is abundant with uplifting folk inspired acoustics, which transitions seamlessly into the ethereal ‘Recognise Me’ – leading to the beautifully climatic final track ‘Vertigo’.

Talking about ‘Heaven Like Mine’, Shaun Farrugia explains: “I can’t believe I am writing this, but here’s me presenting my first body of work, the first chapter of many! Heaven Like Mine EP a 5 song EP written from my heart to yours. An honest account of all that i’ve felt for the past few years, the good times and the bad, with love forever being present.”

Quickly emerging as a frequenter on BBC Radio 1 including multiple plays from Jack Saunders and Maia Beth on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop, bringing Shaun’s catalogue to 30 million streams to date. His previous cover of The Weeknd’s Billboard Chart topping #1 hit Blinding Lights flew straight to #1 on the Shazam Discovery Charts, after featuring on Love Island, the biggest reaction to any song in the latest season of the show.

The 26-year-old Maltese native dropped his life on the island to fly to London in 2019, quit his job, sell everything he owned and showed up on the doorstep of Sigala after being invited to come and meet the producer during an Instagram Live. The gamble paid off, Shaun was quickly snapped up by Polydor. As a regular guy doing extraordinary things Shaun scores high on the likability scale, but he manages to balance his modest nature with an ambition that’s hard to ignore — and is right there in his extraordinary songwriting.