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Shaun Ross Announces Debut Album and single

“Model-turned-activist-turned future soul pioneer” – GQUK

Bronx-born/LA-based artist Shaun Ross has announced the release of his debut album, ‘SHIFT’, out May 7th via  Propeller Records. Alongside the announcement, Shaun has released sultry new single ‘LIVIN’.


A sonic melting pot of flirtatious disco textures and sophisticated synth work, ‘LIVIN’ sees Shaun encourage living fearlessly, flaunted by his silky vocals and wide range. Previously released singles from ‘SHIFT’ include the tactile, delicately unfurling electropop of ‘WX5’, as well as the ever-expanding ‘YOU CARE’. Watch Shaun perform the entire song in ASL (American Sign Language) as a way of celebrating the importance of communication and body language HERE.

Effortlessly blending disco, R&B, pop, and taking sonic cues from artists as diverse as Björk, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway, ‘SHIFT’ is a 10-track odyssey that is both deeply personal and hugely relatable.

“‘LIVIN’ is dedicated to my dear friend David Solomini and my Aunt Margo Frye” Shaun shares. “Two people who believed the world was their oyster and never hesitated at living life to its fullest. David was always a great problem solver and a massive creative heart, who saw the value in me. My Aunt Margo played the role of a messiah in my family, being that she is the oldest of 17 children, making my mother the youngest. She cared for generations of children and never left their needs at bay. I am very thankful for my experience in this life with these two individuals.”


Shaun Ross is the first professional male model with albinism and has become a cultural symbol for difference and acceptance. He first found success at the age of 16, when he was discovered on YouTube by a modeling agency. Since then, his modeling career has seen him in the pages of GQ and Vogue, as well as fronting campaigns for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Fendi. Fashion aside, music has always been a passion of his. Shaun traces his musical genre-hopping to his upbringing in the Bronx. When his parents weren’t fans of what was playing on the local radio stations, they chose to educate via their own eclectic tastes. Music was Shaun’s solace during his school years as he endured years of relentless bullying, and his love of it crossed over into his modeling career via appearances in music videos by the likes of Beyoncé (“Pretty Hurts”), Katy Perry (“ET”), and Lana Del Rey (2013’s short film “Tropico”). In 2017, he started releasing music including a track with Lizzo on backing vocals, and began to take his music career further by opening for other artists and performing at events and festivals.