Sigrid returns to Apple Music Home Sessions, performing a new and exclusive cover of Frank Ocean’s track ‘Lost’ as well as her own single ‘It Gets Dark’, which she shares my favourite song I’ve written yet”. Plus, fans can also enjoy Sigrid’s previous Home Session recordings of  ‘Mirror’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’.

Apple Music Home Sessions originally started during the lockdown of 2020, and aimed to challenge artists to set up from home and reimagine their own signature tracks—plus record thoughtful cover versions. No fancy studios, often no bandmates: just extraordinary talent and brilliant songs. Explore the full collection of Apple Music Home Sessions HERE.

 Apple Music Home Session – LISTEN HERE

Reflecting on her performance of ‘It Gets Dark’, Sigrid explains: “I just really wanted to do another acoustic version of this one, it feels like a pretty versatile song – it works with my full band leaning into massive drums, guitar solos and belting the lyrics, and it works bringing it back to the piano, it adds a more melancholic flavour to it.”

She also shares that she wanted to create a “mellow, sultry but cozy morning coffee type of cover” of Frank Ocean’s ‘Lost’, telling Apple Music: “I can’t sing like Frank Ocean – he’s so brilliant – might as well try to put your own spin to it you know. I think I slightly changed the rhythm and melody a couple of places… It was so cool to have Peder (Kolsung) and Sondre (Abrahamsen) from my band produce it!

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