For her latest release SKAAR pays tribute to Coldplay with her take on their classic hit ‘The Scientist’. The band’s talent for towering hooks and emotionally resonant lyricism has been a big inspiration on SKAAR’s songwriting. And when she reached out to fans for their input on what Coldplay song she should record, ‘The Scientist’ was the overwhelming choice. LISTEN HERE.

The result is a nuanced revamp of one of the band’s most beloved songs. Stripping the song back to the core elements of its instrumentation offers something different to SKAAR’s multi-layered alt-pop. Nonetheless her tender vocals evoke the emotions of the song: heartbreak, yearning and resignation for something that’s irredeemably lost. It makes for an atmosphere entirely in tune with the autumnal mood.

“I’ve been thinking about covering Coldplay for a long time as they are one of my favourite bands, because they influenced me so much growing up and my music. I remember listening to ’The Scientist’ every time I was sad or heartbroken, and it was one of the most important songs that inspired me to make my own music” says SKAAR.

SKAAR’s take on ‘The Scientist’ coincides with the 18th anniversary of the release of the original song.

As with every artist, SKAAR’s activities have been severely curtailed throughout 2020. She did, however, play her first show in support of ‘The Other Side of Waiting’ with a socially distanced set at Oslo venue Parkteatret. SKAAR’s YouTube channel features several songs from the show.

‘The Other Side of Waiting’ captures a snapshot of SKAAR’s life and career to date, as it charts many of the experiences that she has faced over the last few years. The songs are sourced from her own unique stories, but they document the universal challenges that come as teenagers transition into adulthood. Whether it’s calling out a friend’s cheating partner (‘Five Times’), being unafraid to drop adversaries from your life (‘24’) or struggling with anxiety and panic attacks (‘Pearls’), SKAARcuts to the heart of the subject matter. It’s also a sign of greater things to come.

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