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Skaar shares new single ‘Get Him Away From Me’

Skaar shares new single ‘Get Him Away From Me’

SKAAR is set to go global as 2022 unfolds. Starting as she means to continue, the 23-year-old now makes a powerful return with her new single ‘Get Him Away From Me’ as she prepares to release more music throughout the course of the year. This year will also see her song ‘Higher Ground’ feature in a major international Lancômecampaign. Listen HERE. Watch the lyric video HERE.

‘Get Him Away From Me’ embodies the bravery and purity of truth that is becoming a hallmark of SKAAR’s new music. Based around a plaintive plea that’s heartbreaking in its honesty, the intensity of its lyrics are reinforced by its relentless rhythmic fury. Yet out of the trauma comes an empowering alt-pop anthem which can offer a helping hand to people who have suffered through similar experiences.

It’s a song that SKAAR could only have made within the safe and supportive creative environment of her dear friend and co-writer Mathias Wang (Aurora, Sigrid).

SKAAR says, “‘Get Him Away From Me’ is a song I wrote to encourage myself to trust my emotions and take myself seriously. It is about something I experienced a little while back. It was really difficult and it’s something I’m still trying to process. I just wrote exactly what I was thinking and feeling without putting anything through a filter. Doing that started a process in me which helped me a lot! I also hope to encourage people to trust themselves more with this song.”

‘GHAFM’ will be followed by an official video, which reinterprets SKAAR’s story in a more playful narrative. SKAAR stars as a caretaker working the nightshift at a power plant. A terrible crisis soon emerges, and SKAAR has no alternative but to try to fix the problem on her own.