Following a string of street anthem singles, Sneakbo decisively delivers his new mixtape ‘Jetski Wave 3’ bursting with features from some of the hottest artists in the UK such as M24, Pa Salieu, Ard Adz, Backroad Gee and more.

A follow up tape to the predecessor ‘Jetski Wave 2’ back in 2019, Brixton rapper returns with his pool of varied influences. He has come a long way from UK anthem ‘Touch Ah Button’ and transitioned perfectly into the streaming era with big tracks in recent times such as ‘Active’ with fellow UK rap icon, Giggs. Sneakbo is now more than just a hitmaker but the producer of art, supplying his fans with albums as well as hits. It is safe to say, ‘Jetski Wave 3’ involves a variety of ground-breaking tracks.

Over 10 years in the industry is never easy to maintain, but Sneakbo’s ability to experiment with new genres and show a willingness to new sounds is the reason he has conquered the UK scene and stayed there. ‘Jetski Wave 3’ is his chance to really demonstrate this further filled with Summer vibes, emotionally rich and his signature energetic club bangers.

On the final eve of the project Sneakbo provides the final taste before the 16 tracks on Friday. The concluding single ‘Practice [Jetski]’ is full of energy, hitting some serious BPM. The single is partnered with visuals that can only be described as fun and supply the same amount of energy in this single. Sneakbo and catchy hook provider, LUCIIA, are filmed in a variety of different settings around London. Bo includes footage from pop up show with his fans, and of course him tearing it up on a Jetski somewhere exotic. With Jetski’s, he doesn’t need practice.

The project kicks off with ‘Wag 1’, a recent and timeless single for the project, combining old school and new school rapper ‘Backroad Gee’ to gift us an anthem. The next track takes a different approach, ‘Changes’ is centred around reflection and is carried by a dreamy melody. By no means is it lacking energy, the chorus and verse from the second project feature, Portuguese, Richie Campbell adding a texture to the track.

Club anthem incoming with ‘WOI OI’, an infectious chorus and some serious danceability embedded throughout the track. Signature Sneakbo. Moving on through the journey of the mixtape, a pleasant guitar riff holding the melody and a seductive side from Bo on display with ‘Where You At’. This is not a one off as he uses this style on the project further, a sophisticated and tender track ‘She Got A Man’. On this track Sneakbo also shows his vocal ability as he sings the chorus. “Girl I Don’t Sing But Let Me Sing For You”.

Sneakbo had to have one for the streets, providing more of the Drill vibe. ‘I Get That’ rings in the chorus and 2 expert verses from the makers of iconic Drill track ‘We Don’t Dance’, M24 and Stickz bring a new angle to the versatile mixtape. The next track is deep, ‘Ghetto Gospel’ witnesses Sneakbo’s lyrical talent as he narrates a section of his life. Joined by Moelogo, the Afrobeat artist brings his beautiful vocals on the chorus, “This one is based on a true story” says Sneakbo.

Skippy flows and stylistic rhythm throughout ‘Talking’ features one of the most in demand UK Rappers Coventry made, Pa Salieu  who offers his services with a killer verse. Daniel Christian features in the next track with a serious sing along chorus on ‘Where’s The Love’.

‘Get Like That’ is blessed with Mopiano’s harmonically rich vocals on the chorus and bags of summer vibes. An expert production on this track with lots of complex but feel-good elements throughout the experience. Representing himself and giving an insight into his life and how he thinks ‘Don’t Link Me’ is relentless and riveting.

No time for rest on the mixtape, ‘Anti Social’ is a dramatic display of classic Sneakbo, jam-packed with a ‘get-up-and-go’ type vibe. Taking us effectively into the closing track of ‘Jetski Wave 3’, Sneakbo delivers his final message from the project in ‘Still Breathing G!’. “You only live once and I’m here for a reason.”

Previous singles ‘Dripping’ with Greedy, ‘Wag1’ with Backroad and ‘Come A Long Way’ with Ard Adz all helped Sneakbo to boast 1 million monthly listeners, and with this mixtape he has expanded his dynamic ability and branched into new areas. Further growth is on the way. Already exceeding 100 million views on his Youtube. Big things are still to come from the UK Urban music veteran.

Breaking genre barriers and paving paths for new scenes, Sneakbo has always humbled himself to grow his ability and remain in the top-flight of the UK scene. Sneakbo has not stopped since he arrived in the industry and doesn’t look like he will anytime soon.

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