Canadian indie-rock evocators Softcult release their incredible, hotly-anticipated new EP ‘Year Of The Snake’, out via Easy Life Records. The EP is accompanied by the release of a music video for new single ‘Uzumaki’.

Softcult have consistently demonstrated how they are more than musicians, weaving important messages and concepts throughout their music. From abuse to toxic relationships, the ruthless tendencies inherent within capitalism, and the deceitful politicians who favour their status and power over the people they govern, Softcult layer their dreamy shoegaze stylings with themes that raises awareness and incite its listener to contemplate multiple crucially important topics.

It is an EP overflowing with intricacy and multiple levels of detail to unpack. Often based upon the bandmate’s personal experience, it is a record that authentically speaks to its audience on an intimate, one-to-one basis. It is culturally vital to more people than we would like to think and shows them how they are not alone in their struggles and can be a part of a bigger movement for change.

Speaking about the EP, Phoenix said: “The EP encompasses our feelings towards the cutthroat capitalist society we live in and the problems that need to be addressed. The snake is symbolic of deception and untrustworthiness. We’ve seen this time and time again from politicians that make grand promises and claim to care about marginalized people, climate change, poverty, etc but act differently when it comes to their policies. Our goal is to raise awareness with music that makes people think. We want to expose people to realities that they may not have ever been aware of before and speak out on issues that matter to us. Most of these songs are meant to challenge people’s perceptions, but also come from very personal places based on our own experiences. If there are people out there that can relate to our lyrics, they’ll know that they aren’t alone. They are part of a movement that is demanding action.”

Also released today is the music video for new single ‘Uzumaki’, a track that highlights and raises awareness for the issues of abuse, and the scars it leaves behind on victims. Watch the music video for ‘Uzumaki’ below.

UK Tour Dates

May 10, 2022                The Joiners                               Southampton
May 11, 2022                Crofters                                      Bristol
May TBC, 2022             The Great Escape                     Brighton
May 13, 2022                The Deaf Institute                      Manchester
May 15, 2022                Camden Assembly                    London
May 17, 2022                Muthers Studio                          Birmingham
May 18, 2022                The Garage (Attic Bar)              Glasgow
May 19, 2022                The Key Club                             Leeds


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