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Solis releases new single ‘Home’

Swirling creativity in the vacuum of indecision delivers SOLIS to the intoxicating, richly complex final track from her masterpiece Priestess EP

From glassy whisps of string-soaked tale-telling to the wide brush-stroked beats of her new single, Home, the searching songs of Ireland-by-Manchester-to-Brighton nomadic songwriter, Solis show bold, new form on her latest Priestess EP – OUT NOW. A collection of songs that fed on the doubt she felt as the sun-rose on her twenties, songs made richer in meaning by the bruising reality of recent loss and songs that seek answers beyond conventional wisdom, the five-track EP turns chaos, insecurity and indecision into a phenomenal, otherworldly force.

Letting the world hear new music at the end of 2022 in the form of the intimate, emotive and sparse Scenerythe singer-songwriter’s next move makes full, appropriately indulgent use of mood-moving instrumentation and studio creativity. Home’s opening blunt, ominous beats make an uncomfortable bed for Solis’ ever-confident vocal to rest on before the track converges with peals of riffing guitars, splashes of percussive metalwork and breaking bubbles of intermittent, plucked strings.

Following acclaimed previous singles, Sunday and Jungle, the sum-total of the emergent artist’s early work follows the equation of remarkable, natural song-giving gifts and a short life lived in the swirl of unpredictable events and the artistic consciousness to turn those curve-balls, and life’s as frequently encountered beauty, into music.

Solis says of Home“Home is a chaotic representation of being undecided in where to go and what to do in life, both lyrically and instrumentally. Initially, my producer and guitarist Andy (Connor) and I sat in my house for many late nights and made the percussion for this song using anything we could get our hands on. When we got to the mixing stage of the song, we stripped it back quite a bit as our enthusiasm had run away with us.”