Sophie Hunger has released her new album “Molecules” on Caroline International.
Sophie Hunger has long been synonymous with a minimalist folk-jazz hybrid that put her in step with fellow travellers like Laura Marling and Feist. But having recently made the move to Berlin, she discovered electronic music, became a frequent visitor to the Berghain club on Sunday nights and developed an interest in modular synths, for which Berlin is a mecca. The songs she wrote in her home studio (which were later recorded with producer Dan Carey in South London) do her proud.

‘Molecules’ is Hunger’s first full album in English and is what she describes as “minimal electronic folk”. Her most compelling qualities – an ingenue-like delicacy and contrasting
solitary darkness – haven’t changed. Familiar trickles of funfair weirdness still permeate the music, calling to mind Beth Orton and Regina Spektor. Moreover, she’s still enigmatic and self-possessed to the point where it feels too intrusive to ask certain questions.

Molecules bears witness to her defiance and intellectual credibility in a post-truth age of ignorance. Female (and male) pop fans in search of a nuanced, intelligent role model could do worse than to keep an eye on her.

Sophie will tour Europe extensively throughout the Autumn, playing city residencies in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. She will also be touring the UK in October, including a show at London’s Oslo.

Full details below:

23/10/18              UK                              London              Oslo
24/10/18              UK                              Bristol                Exchange
25/10/18              UK                              Manchester       Deaf Institute
26/10/18              UK                              Birmingham       Academy
27/10/18              UK                              Brighton             Patterns

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