Hot off the back of August’s European tour, Still Corners return with new music! The Lynchian duo have debuted new single ‘Secret World’ via their own record label, Wrecking Light Records, in anticipation of their new album Dream Talk on 5th April 2024. Pre-Order here

‘Secret World’ seduces from the start, a delicate rattle of a maraca and a Lindsay Buckingham-esque guitar lick captivates, beautiful in its simplicity. Tessa Murray’s vocals are sultry, smooth, and dominate the soundscape so delicately, pairing perfectly with Greg Hughes’ diaphanous tremolo guitar. The so aptly named new single is set in Still Corners’ secret world, leaving the listener to merely aurally gaze upon it. Tessa Murray said of ‘Secret World: “Sometimes the thought of someone, wanting to know them, get into their world is dangerous. The real person doesn’t matter anymore, just the fantasy of them, which is totally wrong but feels right.”

Recorded across three studios in the south of France, East Sussex, and Woodstock, New York, Dream Talk is elegant and wistful with a sound that is focused, stylish and seductive. Shaped by fantasies, dreams and automatic writing, Dream Talk almost fell together in a dream-like state. Murray explains: “I had tapped into something new and the way it came out was quite hypnotic, like a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep,” adding the album name essentially wrote itself.

Still Corners Perform the following UK shows in May 2024

5th May – Chalk, Brighton, UK
6th May – Band on the Wall, Manchester, UK
7th May – Strange Brew, Bristol, UK
8th May – Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK

Still Corners is the musical project of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, and formed shortly after Murray met Hughes by chance at a London train stop in 2009. Over the next (nearly) fifteen years, the band has delivered a steady stream of music that is at once reflective, searching and romantic. Showcasing a unique shimmering desert-noir sound Still Corners have earned global commercial success with such releases as Strange Pleasures (2013) and 2021’s The Last Exit.

New single ‘Secret World’ is Out Now ahead of their sixth album Dream Talk on 5th April 2024

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