Alex and Paul are the 2 producers behind the duo Synapson, whose first EP Haute Couture was released in 2010. Ten years later, they have been around the world several times to carry their music. More than 100 concerts in a year, including a large part played live, and key dates, from the Printemps de Bourges to Les Vieilles Charrues and the Solidays, to a sold out Zénith de Paris. Their two albums were supported by multiple collaborations (Super 8 & Convergence, platinum certified).

In 2020, wanting to return to the sources of what has made their music so thrilling, Alex & Paul are embarking on a new project which will include collaborations from all over the world.

“We find it interesting to mix our productions with voices from around the world. The idea is to discover new sounds and produce world fusion music. Get out of the British and American habit. We made our name with Maya Djon Mai. The group is 10 years old now and we want to go back to our first love. Have musical encounters and offer a new destination to listeners with each of our pieces.”

The first track in this new direction was called ‘Bensema’ and is the fruit of their collaboration with Oumou Sangaré, the legendary Malian singer from Wassoulou, a historical region south of the Niger river, who won a Grammy in 2010. Then they unveiled ‘Yise’, a second single with an autobiographical text from South African singer Bongeziwe Mabandla, who, just like an important part of his community, suffered from the absence of a father in his life.

Now, with the Brazilian artist Flavia Coelho, with whom Synapson have produced a sizzling new track ‘Illuminar’. Based in France since 2006, Flavia is influenced by funk baile, forro and fevro, which she skillfully mixes with reggae and raggamuffin to offer music loaded with messages: from corruption to racism, from the place of women to homophobia, the themes that are close to her heart are a permanent echo of the current political situation in Brazil.

During several months of lockdown, Synapson continue to nurture their relationship with their audience that supports them through a daily DJ Set on Youtube, several new performances as well as a series of podcasts, bringing together a large community of aficionados. On her side, Flavia keeps on performing online and answering interviews to present her new project ‘DNA’ and to raise public awareness of current issues in Brazil.

With several years of friendship between Flavia Coelho and Synapson already and after several tracks that never left the studios, it is with a lot of excitement that the French duo unveils the 3rd solar title of their new chapter: Illuminar feat. Flavia Coelho.

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