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Tara Lily releases new single ‘4 Years’

Tara Lily returns with a brand new single, ‘4 Years’,

Tara Lily returns with a brand new single, ‘4 Years’, taken from her debut EP ‘Lost In London’ that is out 8th October via Motown Records.

‘4 years is a sort of lament, it’s about leaving behind someone you still love, not because it’s done, but cos it’s just not meant to be,’ Tara Lily says.

‘4 Years’ brings us cascading jazz signatures with an injection of Latin and urban rhythms and invites us not only to daydream, but to move. Its cinematic video is set on the night bus, where late night London streets blur past in grainy colour, invoking those memories familiar to us all. The immaculate vocal leads us along with a sprawling brass sound tracking the bus’ route, as it weaves through familiar South London routes. Watch here.

The single follows the recent release of ‘The Things You Do’, which is a blasted vista of broken dreams and shattered assumptions. Produced by Hannah V, saxophones spill out with long, feline stretches, perfect for the lowlights of a late-night jazz lounge, while Tara Lily’s voice reaches untold altitudes, as rich as any instrument in her arrangement.

Tara Lily shares:

“It’s very raw and very real; the lyrical content of most of my songs are deep, I talk about things that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, and that’s why it feels like dark R&B jazz; the dark comes from those difficult but important feelings that are expressed.”

As ‘The Things You Do’ invites you away from reality and plunges you into the middle of your own imaginary montage, the music video is set in an Art Deco cinema, the RIO, as the Black gods and goddesses of the silver screen musical Sepia Cinderella (1947) flicker across her face. Created by an all-women team, having been directed by Sammy King and produced by Girls in Film, the mood it creates is timeless, and yet undeniably modern. “This is everyone’s story,” says Tara Lily. “This is every relationship that ever was.” You can watch the video here.

Tara Lily’s long-awaited debut EP ‘Lost in London’ is a nocturnal ode to the city, each track a finely-spun vignette of her own coming-of-age story, leaving in its wake a trail of lost love, long nights and dark, jazz-indebted RnB.