After landing her first Radio 1 airplay from Mollie King for ‘Lucky’ and seeing ‘Talk’ become her latest track to exceed a million streams, London-based singer-songwriter Taura Lamb today shares her new single ‘Crybaby’. It’s the latest track from her ongoing project ‘Moods’, which will eventually consist of four EPs each shaped around a particular theme. Listen HERE.

Emerging on World Mental Health Day, ‘Crybaby’ offers an outreach of support to someone in a moment of desperate vulnerability. Taura’s beautifully elegant vocal delivers a warm embrace of emotion, her utterly heartfelt lyrics striking to the heart of the matter, “Trust it can’t get worse than right now / Know that if it does I’ll stick around and just hope that it helps.”The song also reveals the vulnerability to leave no hiding place for such raw emotion with Taura’s topline supported only by piano from Swoope alongside subtle string and choir arrangements.

Taura says, “I’m someone who cries at everything – be it a wedding, a funeral or a John Lewis Christmas advert, you best believe I will be tearing up. This song is about a time when I felt I needed to mask the crybaby in me a little, it was time for me to be somebody else’s rock and let them cry all the tears. It’s saying ‘I’m going to be so strong in this moment, for once, so that you can completely and utterly collapse if you need to. I’ll be here to talk it out at any time, on any day, and you are allowed to break down, I’ve got you.’”

‘Crybaby’ will feature on the ‘Teary’ EP, which will collate the most emotional songs within the ‘Moods’ project. It will be completed by three other EPs, all of which have a distinct theme: ‘Tetchy’ (the sassy songs), ‘Sultry’ (the bedroom jams) and ‘Sunny’ (the uplifting anthems). New songs in the ‘Moods’ project will be unveiled on a regular basis until the final collection is completed next summer.

Taura adds, “The project explores the four most prominent moods I’ve embodied whilst writing this new set of work, and experience on a day-to-day basis. Essentially, it will become a deconstructed album, one that is pre-organised for you – simply reach out and play the ‘mood’ you’re feeling that day. With music stretching from the purest R&B to super pop, each EP will be accompanied by a ‘mood’ visualiser, creatively depicting the sensations of each emotion.”

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