The Cranberries’ final album In The End has been nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards. It is the first band’s first Grammy nod of their illustrious career.

Released 30 years after the band formed in Limerick, Ireland In The End, the band’s 8th studio album, featured vocals recorded by lead singer Dolores O’Riordan before her tragic passing in January 2018. The surviving members of The Cranberries – guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan, drummer Fergal Lawler – restarted work on the album later that year after much deliberation and with the support of Dolores’ family.

With the songs at various stages of completion they turned to Stephen Street – who had produced four of their previous albums including Everybody Else Is Doing ItSo Why Can’t We? and No Need To Argue – and built the sounds around Dolores’ vocals from those original demos. The resulting album blends rock, alternative and catchy almost pop-sounding melodies to deliver a classic Cranberries sound.

We wanted to finish this album for our dear friend and band mate Dolores. It’s a tribute to her, the band and our fans for the past thirty years. Being honoured with this Grammy nomination has made this whole process even more special.” Noel Hogan

We are extremely surprised and honoured to receive this Grammy nomination.  We’re sure Dolores would be delighted.” Fergal Lawler.

Dolores would be so happy with this, she put her heart and soul into her songs and music. For us as her family it’s kind of bittersweet, we’re immensely proud yet saddened that she isn’t here to witness and enjoy this, although I feel that she is in spirit.” Eileen O’Riordan (Dolores’ mother).

Released in April 2019 by BMG the record brings a remarkable career to a fitting and powerful closure, and stands as a powerful testimony to the life and creative work of Dolores and her brothers in music Noel, Mike and Fergal.

This is a very emotional moment for all of us at BMG. We were so proud to have partnered with The Cranberries on the release of ‘In The End’ and our shared aim was always to celebrate the life and work of Dolores. For the band’s final album to receive their first Grammy nomination is the very best way to remember an iconic voice and honour a magnificent body of work. Alistair Norbury, President, Marketing & Repertoire UK.

The Cranberries emerged from the pre-Brit-pop scene of the early ’90s, with their trademark indie guitar sound and Dolores’ distinctive Celtic-tinged lilting vocal style – described by Melody Maker as “the voice of a saint trapped in a glass harp”. Their rise to global fame was nothing short of meteoric; best known for their now classic songs “Linger”, “Zombie” and “Dreams”, the band have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

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