Critically acclaimed Irish folk trio The Henry Girls have announced their eagerly awaited new album A Time To Grow, produced by the renowned producer Tommy McLaughlin at Attica Audio, Co. Donegal, which will be released Jan 26th 2024. The band, consisting of Karen, Lorna, and Joleen McLaughlin, has woven their enchanting harmonies into a collection of captivating and alluring songs.

In addition to the album announcement, The Henry Girls have joined forces with singer Ríoghnach Connolly, the current BBC Folk Singer Of The Year, to release a powerful single, Not Your Fight, out now. This composition was born from a writing collaboration between Ríoghnach and Karen McLaughlin of The Henry Girls during Rioghnach’s time as Artist in Residence at The Nerve Centre, Derry at the invitation of Head of Music, Marty McGill. Not Your Fight is a moving message for all those who find themselves helplessly witnessing a world torn apart by ceaseless conflict and violence. The single serves as a reminder of the shared human experience and our capacity for compassion and understanding in a world too often marked by discord.

The upcoming album is a testament to The Henry Girls’ musical evolution and their ability to create a rich tapestry of sound. Known for their folk-inspired music, The Henry Girls have gained a dedicated following worldwide, and their upcoming album showcases the depth of their artistry. Working with Tommy McLaughlin (Soak, Ailbhe Reddy, Pillow Queens) whose work has been celebrated in the industry, has enabled the group to deliver a musical experience that is both sonically exquisite and emotionally profound.

“Collaborating with Tommy McLaughlin has been a transformative experience for us,” says Karen of The Henry Girls. “This album is a reflection of our growth as musicians and our desire to create music that inspires and connects with people on a deeply emotional level.”

The album is set to be released on 26th January 2024 and Not Your Fight is available now on all major streaming platforms.

The Henry Girls would like to thank Malin artist Tim Stampton for the album cover design and Richard Walsh at ZooCreative for the single cover.

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