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The Jordan – Nowhere Near The Sky out now

The Jordan’s debut album ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’, is out now

Recent months have seen The Jordan debut a selection of brand new tracks, the likes of ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’, ‘The Room’ and ‘Best Damn Day’ united by dark-hued trip-hop beats, modernist alt-pop flair, timeless vocal elegance and an enigmatic air. Collectively they tell an episodic story of having the bravery to face challenges head-on, to overcome them, and to move on both empowered and stronger than ever before. Those traits all stand proud in The Jordan’s debut album ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ is out now.

The record is born from The Jordan’s own personal experiences. The artist – real name Caroline van der Leeuw – achieved phenomenal success as the voice of Caro Emerald, their many achievements crowned by a UK #1 album and the longest-running #1 album in her home country The Netherlands since Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. While she is appreciative of all of the good things that came with Caro Emerald, she felt compelled to express herself in a different way – one that reflected her true self.

That was an opportunity that presented itself when a session with the Ivor Novello winner David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything, Chris Martin) resulted in ‘The Room’ – a song which now opens ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ with attention-grabbing fervour.

Beyond the previously released singles, there’s plenty more highlights for fans to discover within the rest of the album. The new single ‘Waste Me’ is particularly distinctive, a cocktail of electro-rock punch, cinematic scale, and desert-noir country twang.

The Jordan says, “There is nothing like feeling wasted. Feeling overlooked, unseen, unlistened to. But who is to blame? There’s really only one person. And one way out.”

Interspersed with mood-setting interludes, the album also sees The Jordan affirming the power of her rebirth (‘Someone New’), and declaring that her previous weaknesses are a thing of the past (‘You Will Never Make Me Cry Again’) before signing off with the cathartic release of emotions that are unlocked with the album’s closing song ‘Hmm’.

Entirely written or co-written by The Jordan, the album also features contributions from a second Ivor Novello winner in the shape of Eg White (Florence + The Machine, Sam Smith), as well as Wieger Hoogendorp, Robert Biesewig and Wouter Hardy. Portishead’s Adrian Utley also contributed to several of the tracks.

The album is available to buy or stream HERE,