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The Jordan shares ‘Best Damn Day’

The Jordan has now shared four songs as she provides a taste of what to expect

Newcomer The Jordan had been making waves in all of the right ways with her debut tracks ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’ and ‘Naked in the Sun’, but her profile stepped up a gear when her true identity was revealed to be Caroline Van der Leeuw, best known as the voice of the chart-topping, Platinum-certified Caro Emerald. Now The Jordan takes a big step towards the February 10th release of her debut album ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’ by sharing the new single ‘Best Damn Day’.

Caroline reshaped her artist identity as The Jordan to enable her to make a brand new start with a project which reveals her true self to the world at large. And that new start is reflected within the worst of ‘Best Damn Day’, a song which encourages you to find the confidence and self-empowerment to roll the dice to take a chance that could change everything for the better. Her words are set to a soulful 2022 take on trip-hop, a sound which reimagines Portishead’s late night intimacy as the bright dawn that comes ahead of a new adventure.

The Jordan says, “‘Best Damn Day’ is a personal anthem of freedom. It’s about taking the risk to radically change course, even though you don’t know where it’s leading. But hell… at least you tried.” 

The song’s themes dominate its accompanying video. Initially, The Jordan is shown being disinterested in the conversation at a cafe, when she’s suddenly whisked away for a day which becomes rapidly more interesting. Heading into the city and a glam costume change later, she ends up in a full-on house party – an atmosphere that’s a world away from the one she started her day in.

The Jordan has now shared four songs as she provides a taste of what to expect from ‘Nowhere Near The Sky’. Opening with the spiritual ambience of the recently released ‘The Room’, the album explores questions of identity and self-determination as well as providing postcard pictures of small moments in people’s lives that carry a huge weight. Her voice is more versatile and nuanced than ever before, while elements of trip-hop, folktronica, soul and alt-pop blurs the boundaries between sounds both contemporary and classic.