South Coasting alt pop shapeshifters The Manatees release a brand new single ‘Innocence of Youth’ to tie in with a feast of festival shows, LISTEN HERE. Last week you may have seen the band performing live on the telly, providing the musical entertainment for the cast of ‘Made In Chelsea’ as they played in Oslo, Hackney. While the cast kissed and made it up The Manatees riffed though a superlative (morning) set, the likes of which they’ve become notorious for over the past couple of years.

‘Innocence of Youth’ captures the essential crossovering spirit of The Manatees in sonic spades, a driving mesh of melody, intense musicianship and controlled chaos wrapped up with a rap outburst. It lasts for precisely three minutes and 33 seconds, which makes us far happier than it possibly should do.

“I wrote ‘Innocence of Youth’ as a ‘coming to terms’ with past mistakes,” explains singer Jay. “Growing up is hard and we’re bound to slip up. We’re human – we harm, we lie, we steal, we cheat. We also get hurt, get lied to, get stolen from and get cheated.

“As a band we’re now in our ’20s, we’ve hurt and we’ve been hurt. I put it down to the innocence of youth. It’s not a get out of jail free card, regret is a good thing, but we need to move on eventually. Of course it’s easy to say, harder to practice.

“We recorded it in Liverpool with our long term producer-turned-friend, Tarek Musa (Spring King, The Big Moon, Gengahr). The soundscape is nuts, it’s shoegazey, vibrant, dense and euphoric. It’s hooky too, a proper windows down screamer.”

‘Innocence of Youth’ maintains the mighty Manatees momentum of 2024, a year in which they released the ‘Different State Of Mind’ EP (available on limited edition silver 10″ vinyl from right now), flew to Austin to floor the SXSW community and jetted back for their own UK tour.

Sat 8th June | Golden Touch Festival, Portsmouth
Sun 28 July | Truck Festival, Oxfordshire
Sat 10th Aug | Birkenhead Live, Liverpool
Sat 24th Aug | Hereford Indie Food Festival, Hereford
Fri 27th Sept | Camden Assembly, London
Sat 28th Sept | Papillon, Southampton
Sat 12th Oct | Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough

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