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The Mocking Jays – Nottingham quartet bring ‘The Triangle Tour’ to Manchester

Following the latest in a string of electrifying recent releases, “I Can’t Be Without Your Love” – Nottingham’s The Mocking Jays hit the road in October for ’The Triangle Tour’

Nottingham quartet – THE MOCKING JAYS – are pleased to reveal a strident new single cut: ‘I Can’t Be Without Your Love’.

The latest in a string of electrifying recent releases from the fast-rising midlands outfit is an anthem unlike any they have made before; a record teeming with louche guitar licks, whipsnade rhythms and an all-conquering indie-disco strut. Out on 13th September, the track marks a grittier, more reflective and altogether unpredictable new direction for The Mocking Jays.

‘I Can’t Be Without Your Love’ was initially penned while filming the video for former single (and fan favourite) ’Kiss My Neck’ in the freezing climes of the Peak District in bitter mid-winter. Finding work for their idle and frost-bitten hands, the devil (and perhaps a little boredom) gave them one of their most irresistible riffs to date as they strived to keep warm between takes. Creating the wildfire spark that day, subsequent sessions back in Nottingham would soon see it burn brightly into the incandescent indie floor-filler we hear today.

With its lyrics rooted in the personal experiences of frontman Jay Smith, ‘I Can’t Be Without Your Love’ takes aim at the digital drug that is social media. Commenting on its addictive drip-feed culture, the track also sees Jay reflecting on the lasting impacts of anxiety and paranoia that it can inflict on those hooked to it.

From its gutsy vocal performance and trampolining basslines, to those sprawling guitars that clash at its thrilling climax, ‘I Can’t Be Without Your Love’ is testament to a band breaking their own mould and expanding their horizons. Experimenting with an array of old synthesisers, incorporating off-kilter time signature changes and discovering  some dense and ‘disgusting (in a good way)’ guitar tones during the playful sessions that led to the songs formation, The Mocking Jays have clearly found their mojo as they land with one of their most emphatic moments to date.

Recorded at their rehearsal space in Nottingham, the track was further produced by Jamie Dodd at The Animal Farm studios.

Following the single release on 13th September 2019, The Mocking Jays will be touring on ‘The Triangle Tour’ with comrades The Rupees and Kid Amelia at the following venues this Autumn. Catch them at the following venues:


9/10 – Wolverhampton, The Robin 2

10/10 – Bristol, Rough Trade

11/10 – London, Thousand Island

12/10 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

18/10 – Deal, Lighthouse

19/10 – Norwich, The Salty Dog

25/10 – Manchester, Jimmy’s