Following the announcement of their highly-anticipated third full length, Millennials, The Snuts have released the latest advance in infectious stadium filler ‘Millionaires’. New album Millennials comes out February 23rd, 2024 on the band’s newly set up label.

Destined to be a live favourite ‘Millionaires’ takes aim at society’s obsession with building a false sense of happiness. “It feels like society has become obsessed with focussing on the path towards monetary and materialistic gain and success instead of focussing on the here and the now and the value of true love and friendship – it’s a cliche, but those are the things in life that are priceless,” lead singer Jack Cochrane said. “‘Millionaires’is about the feeling of not wanting for anything, but surrounding yourself with the people in life that matter. We’ve seen so many toxic individuals creating ‘communities’ online which are teaching young people a negative rhetoric that money, possessions, status and misogyny are paramount for success. If love was money, we’d be millionaires.” Listen to ‘Millionaires’ HERE.

From start to finish, top to bottom, Millennials has been made entirely to The Snuts’ script. The result: a tight, taut, fat-free masterclass in songwriting and production, with 10 tracks clocking in just shy of half-an-hour. Frontman Jack Cochrane took the studio lead in collaboration with the band’s live MD Scott Anderson. Tracks were written on the run as The Snuts toured the world in support of their previous Top 3 album Burn The Empire, recorded on the fly in tour buses, dressing rooms, hotel rooms and a 300-quid-a-week studio in the Scottish Highlands.

“Leading into this new record, the original idea was: are there any songs we’ve forgotten to write?” says Cochrane. “Are there any ideas and feelings we can dip back into from when we weren’t living in this music world? That’s where we, as millennials, came up with the concept. Tapping into the emotions that we maybe hadn’t processed into music. Those big boiling points in your life. The first time you’re falling in love. First time your heart is broken. Those pivotal moments. On the last record there was a bit more nuance. With this one, we wanted to see how it would feel if we went more direct on the songs and to connect as easily as possible. I don’t think we’re living in an age now where people want to spend time taking something apart. We want people to feel it the first time they hear it.”


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Another busy touring schedule is on the horizon too. With a full UK and worldwide headline tour to be announced soon, the band will take to the States for a full US tour in March, before topping the bill at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival in May. There will also be two very special album launch shows at the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom on February 27th and 28th and a sold-out intimate date at London’s Lafayette on February 1st. Full list of dates HERE.

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