The Taboos are back with a feisty, ridiculously powerful & anthemic new single ‘Innovative Thinking’ that is out on the 3rd July 2020. ‘Innovative Thinking’ has seen the band deliver yet another thunderous single that has seen the band chalk up countless supports from radio & press and cements their reputation as one of the best up and coming bands for 2020.

The track explores a new experimental realm for the band, whilst sitting very comfortably in line with its predecessors. ‘Innovative Thinking’ has a mixture of expressive layered vocal harmonies, resonating and relatable lyrics, an ocean of dynamic guitar tones and of course… Naughty. Slick. Beats.

The track delves into the challenges of modern technologies and how humanity’s reliance on it allows it to control our existence. It demonstrates the idea that human emotion is decreasing, turning our individual life experiences somewhat robotic, alluding to the idea of a transformation into being a mere source of information, as opposed to an emotive being.

Officially formed in 2018 & hailing from the south of England, they have acquired great live experience after supporting artists such as Nick Grimshaw, Scouting for Girls and Toploader. Their driving and energetic performances earned them regular support slots at prestigious venues in London, such as O2 Academy Islington and Camden Assembly.

The band currently have 3 singles released, with plenty more up their sleeves. Their latest offering of ‘No Miracles’ marked a big leap forward for the band, being widely viewed as their strongest single to date. The band has clocked over 30,000 Spotify streams on the track so far and received an abundance of support from bloggers and radios.

It’s clear to see that The Taboos are a creative force, with an ever-growing and maturing repertoire of unique, stylish hits. 2020 will see the band continue to excel with more releases on the horizon.


Innovative Thinking is an insight into the control technology holds over us, and how much we are willing to let is affect our lives.

The song explores the lack of human emotion technology brings out of us, turning our individual experience of the world somewhat robotic, like walking source of information rather than feeling.

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