Wrabel drops his highly anticipated debut full-length album ‘these words are all for you’ (via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk) — an album from “one of Hollywood’s finest songwriters” (American Songwriter) that reaffirms Billboard’s claim that Wrabel is “ready for his breakthrough”. LISTEN HERE

The new album is a refined, masterfully written and cathartically performed collection that recounts love, heartbreaks, personal discoveries, and devastating realizations. Whether it’s on tracks like the Billboard-applauded “good”, the beautifully orchestrated “wish you well” (about the “tug of war” of letting go of past loves), the achingly reminiscent and sonically vast “london”, or the lead single “nothing but the love” (currently no. 31 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 Airplay  chart and “a moon-eyed ballad centered on the power of love” according to Paper), ‘these words are all for you’ showcases what has made Wrabel a go-to for heart-shattering slice-of-life songwriting about finding love, losing it, and discovering oneself throughout the journey.

“This record is a collection of pages torn from my diary — stories and truths, LIke an autobiography of sorts of the past 8-10 years of my life,” said Wrabel about the record. “My biggest dream and my biggest hope for this record is that it would reach people and make them feel less alone. If they’re in love, that it would help celebrate that love; If they lost love, that it would be a shoulder to cry on. Whoever you are and wherever you are, i hope you know that these words are all for you.”

Wrabel’s ascent throughout the pop music universe has led to this triumphant moment, from collaborating with Afrojack & Marshmello respectively in 2014, to his first charting song  “11 Blocks” in 2016 & the debut of his acclaimed LGBTQ+ anthem “The Village” in 2017, to collaborations with Kesha and P!nk in 2019, to performing “hurts like hell” on NBC’s TODAY in early 2020, and now to his debut album. 

Additionally, Wrabel has left his mark all across the pop musical landscape with other co-writing/performance credits on tracks by Celeste, Backstreet Boys, Ellie Goulding, Louis Tomlinson, Louis the Child, Wafia, Cash Cash, and more. He’s released four previous EPs, and has racked up 265 million streams across all DSP platforms. 


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