There must be something in the water over in Birmingham. First, we had ELO, UB40, and now we have Thomas Atlas. Yes, all very different artists but all with great confidence and quality that is unlike anything elsewhere. Furthermore, relatively new on the scene, Thomas Atlas proves why Birmingham is one of the finest places for music with his latest release, ‘Halfway To The Moon’, radiating the realm like a hot beam.

‘Halfway To The Moon’ follows on from the singers hit release ‘Got This Feeling’, and he sends the ball flying out of the park once again. Furthermore, the track arrives with a captivating musical section with the bass chomping at the speakers and a drum rhythm that gets the hips and foot swaying from side to side. Also, the track provides a soundscape that is rich in flavour. Moreover, Thomas’ brass band unleash their skill, and they hit home with poise.

Additionally, the vocals from Thomas ignite a spark that sends the endorphin levels soaring to the roof. He is infectious with his feel-good, and it is not just a fluke either, given that his previous releases also provide the same intense joyous energy. Furthermore, Thomas is making a trademark for himself as the ‘good times’ man, and his presence could not arrive at a better time given the turmoil of modern life.

Also, what makes ‘Halfway To The Moon’ so striking is that it reinvents and freshens up his sound that has been circulating the funk space for quite some time. Moreover, Thomas bolsters a timeless style that is fitting for the majority of occasions. As a result, it will be no surprise to hear this one still ringing out come the summer period, and the hitmaker will likely cement his buoyant grooves even more depth once his new album drops.

Review by George Kirby


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