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‘Thomas Atlas’ – Thomas Atlas Album review

Thomas Atlas has released his self titled debut album and you can read our full review here.

‘Thomas Atlas’ – Thomas Atlas Album review by George Kirby.

Thomas Atlas’ long-awaited new self-titled album has just arrived, and it is even more potent than initially expected.

The ten-track release features the impressive ‘Got This Feeling’, ‘Halfway To The Moon’ and ‘Lost Art’, which have been swarming the scene since their initial release. However, Thomas now introduces the ears to 7 other funky gems which get the summer funk in motion.

Kicking off the record is ‘Got This Feeling’, which boasts a timeless groove that never gets tiresome. It is a track born after the Birmingham funk man was approached by the team of the multi winning film, ‘Hello Darlin’, with Thomas comparing the track as an unexpected treasure.

Funk flows through Thomas’ veins, but he also opens the door to other styles, including soul and blues, and his guitar rhythm gives each track an edge that makes him stand out profoundly. Also, he brought in Andrew Bassing, a recognised jazz musician in the UK who delivered the keys to the album, again providing an even more memorable soundscape.

‘Turn Up The Heat’ is congruent with its indication, and the thermometer reaches a melting point with Thomas and his brass backing members rising with might. The sax plays a tremendous role in many of the tracks, and it brings a fresh flavour while also incorporating elements from the best sax, which rose years previously.

‘The way It Is’ and ‘Healer’ complete the album, and they grip with thought-provoking narratives from Thomas. He also plays around with his vocal register here, often pushing into higher notes while also bolstering his signature low touch.

As a whole, Thomas has proven himself well and truly with this album, and given that it is the debut release from the crooner, it is apparent that he is going to rise even further as the year progresses.

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