Classical prowess flows throughout Tokio Myers as he makes his long-awaited return following a creative hiatus to share new single ‘Malaya’s Song (Lullaby)’. Creating music has always been a much bigger mission for Tokio, and ‘Malaya’s Song (Lullaby)’ is testament to his artistry – rich flowing tones and soul awakening crescendos that stream through every nerve in the body.

‘Malaya’s Song (Lullaby)’ was originally inspired by the birth of his first daughter, and as of recent, the passing of his father. From his journey into first-time fatherhood, to soundtracking moments of unfathomable grief, the piece is a gift of hope, love, growth, laughter, and healing. The verses, tied together with a melodic string are an ode to family and using his daughter’s voice to open the piece allows for whole-hearted floods of love to soar through the keys. Listeners fall into a trance, aided by the sweet melody, wrapping like a serpent around their senses.

Tokio explains, “I wrote Malaya’s Song only one week after my daughter was born – It has been the soundtrack to our lives consistently for almost three years now. Of all the recordings I explored, I always came back to this original recording I did at my home, written and recorded from my phone. There is a purity and innocence that was captured in the recording, which I felt compelled to treasure and wanted to share.”

The rhythm floats through the piece, pacifying listeners into a state of comfort and calm. Starlight personified, Myers’ soothing chords are like listening to an old photo album, a book filled with life and emotions. Tokio Myers is no stranger to creating an escapism, a passage into his music, ‘Malayas Song (Lullaby)’ is allowing safe transition into your own escapism.

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