Tokio Myers has released a 3-track EP BLACK DAWN, out today, Friday 12th June in support of the fight for global equality. BLACK DAWN is a powerful statement, featuring black artists – Mychelle, Afronaut Zu, Kaidi Akinnibi and JDanna who have come together to tell their important stories about the pain and struggle felt every day in the fight for unity. All record company profits in the UK made through streaming and downloads of the 2 new tracks on the EP, namely “Rise Up” and “No More Gang Wars (Together)” will be donated directly to The Reach Out Project (more information below) and Tokio will forgo any record royalties due to him in connection these 2 new tracks. BLACK DAWN is available across all digital streaming platforms and can be listened to here. There will also be a lyric video launching on YouTube later today.  

Due to the events that have led to the release of BLACK DAWN, and in the hopes of having the necessary uncomfortable conversations, Tokio wanted to speak directly to the listener:

“Dear human being reading this. Where do you stand? Are you here to help continue our journey to bring peace and unity to all of humanity, and not just a single race?  

Believe it or not, white supremacy does exist – and no, we are not out to start a black supremacy movement! We simply want to tip the scales of equality & justice back to balance again, like they were many moons ago. Please let me be clear – I am not condoning violence of any kind – However, do understand this… todays corrupt organisation isnt kind or peaceful in any way – what we all have to understand is that the organisation (the white supremacy establishment – which is a form of mass psychosis) is built on lies, corruption, murder and oppression – ultimately, oppression over ALL of humanity (Ill come to that part another time!).  

If you feel uncomfortable reading what you see today, then ask yourself why? 

We have 2 categories of people who continue to block and resist the flow for change. We have the WOLF – who are the far right, gun waving, name calling, blatant racists – and then we have the FOX – who are the cosy mask wearing, passive aggressive, who MISS THE POINT OF BLACK LIVES MATTER / CHOSE TO IGNORE THE POINT of Black Lives Matter (BLM), who will of course tell you that all lives matter. In BOTH categories lay people who dont want the kind of radical change that would bring about a fair and just society. I know some may not want to believe it… sadly though it is true.. however, change is inevitable. Humanity across our planet have had enough. 

In the form of music and art, I created with friends, 3 songs that tell our story and the pain felt throughout our every day struggle in our fight for unity.. not only in the UK & US, but all around the world. Ive come together to work with other black artists to help tell this important story, and to help be one of many great voices for the black community. We dont want to have to keep making these types of songs, but until we fix this. We hope this can help us to start having these uncomfortable conversations with our ourselves, our communities, our friends and family and continue the fight for justice for all. 

Freedom for one is freedom for none.”

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