This Summer sees Tokio Myers release Sign of the Times, two special, of-the-moment isolation bundles featuring brand new orchestral pieces conceptualised as a pandemic-stricken world staggered, stopped and braced itself for whatever came next. The first part Sign of the Times I is released on 24th July and features two tracks, Abundance and Earth (Home), two atmospheric, instrumental songs that take the listener on a journey of a world going through global turmoilSign Of The Times I is out now and can be listened to here and Sign of the Times II is set to follow next month.

Speaking of Sign Of The Times I and the creation process, Tokio says While some industries were still hard at work, many of us were (finally) given a moment to STOP, reflect, observe ourselves, each other, and our home (Earth). We should be looking after this planet that were here on. One of the most beautiful planets that we know about in our galaxy, yet here we are: death, war, destruction, racism, oppression, worrying about iPhones and technology and cars and how much money this persons got. Is this what weve come here on Earth to do? I knew I had to throw myself into expressing how I felt so I started creating music from my home studio. Each track tells a story of humanitys beginning, middle, and end.” 

Explaining the two tracks specifically, he describes Abundance and Earth (Home):

Abundance – Genesis – the birth of the world. An untouched planet filled with magnificence, wonder, freedom, adventure and exuberant life, in countless forms.”

Earth (Home) – A fast forward journey through humanity’s history on Earth – witnessing the destruction caused by our toxic systems – the track gradually becoming bigger, more intense – showing signs and warnings that something catastrophic is on the horizon.”

The release also gives us the first insight to the world of Wazakanine, a digital space that encompasses Tokios creations, beginning with Sign Of The Times IWazakanine is a place where all is not what it seems. A place where there are no bounds. No up or down. No time or place. It is a world of nature, creativity and vibrancy from the mind of Tokio Myers. Through sight, sound and senses, Tokio takes the viewer on a journey where anything is possible. 

Earlier this year saw Tokio Myers release a 3-track EP BLACK DAWN, which was released in support of the fight for global equality and Black Lives Matter. You can listen to BLACK DAWN hereThis marked Tokio’s first release since his debut album Our Generation in 2017 which charted at #4 on the Official UK Albums Chart.

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