Global superstar and multi-platinum award-winning songwriter Tones And I has announced her much anticipated new album Beautifully Ordinary, which will be released worldwide on August 2nd. Tones And I also shared “Dance With Me,” a soaringly tuneful new pop cut from the forthcoming album, which is available on all streaming platforms. Beautifully Ordinary follows Tones And I’s acclaimed debut LP Welcome To The Madhouse which debuted at #1 on the Australian Albums Chart in 2021.

Commenting on Beautifully Ordinary, Tones And I shared: “Beautifully Ordinary is my sophomore album. There was never a theme or tone I aspired to. Each song is a different story, meant for its own moment. Some songs have been inspired by the same life experience, but through a different perspective. Mostly the album presents itself as whatever the listener takes from it. There’s an undertone of loneliness, heartbreak, desperation, fear, vulnerability, and triumph (but not too much). The brightest songs have the saddest stories. Nostalgia seems to be a constant theme throughout the album, although it was never intentional. Subconsciously, I think the past is just something that really controls the person I am today – as I’m sure it does for a lot of us.”

Tones And I elaborated on “Dance With Me” noting: “‘Dance With Me’ is a song about heartbreak and desperation. The chorus symbolizes waiting in the past for someone that’s moved on emotionally, the ‘dancing’ represents your happiest moment with someone and staying in the moment in a last desperate effort to reconnect with them. It’s a lonely song but sounds happy.”

Co-produced by Tones And I, Beautifully Ordinary sees the Australian artist embracing personal growth and finding peace as she champions listeners toward the same. The ambitious and adventurous collection is available for pre-order today and highlighted by the previously released singles “Wonderful,” “I Get High” and “Dreaming.”

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