The UK’s rapidly rising indie trio Tors today release their new EP ‘Miracle’ alongside an animated visual for the new focus track ‘Still Life’. Previewed by four songs – the title track, ‘Tell You’, ‘Happy Enough’ and ‘Only For You’ – the campaign has taken Tors to new heights. Between their strongest set of songs to date and their naturalistic a capella performances, they achieved millions of views and immense growth at socials, as well as fresh support at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2. Meanwhile, they proved their arena-ready credentials with a huge European tour as special guests to James Blunt. Listen to the ‘Miracle’ EP HERE.

Tors recorded ‘Miracle’ during three visits to Woodstock to collaborate with producer Simone Felice (Noah Kahan, The Lumineers, Jade Bird), and the mix of an inspiring collaborator and the scenery and history of the area helped bring out the best in them. They also shared a mutual appreciation with Felice praising their “emotional singalongs that have the power to heal and unite souls.”

All six songs were written by the band, who shared three-part vocal harmonies and multi-instrumentalist duties. That innate talent is in the blood: brothers Matt and Theo Weedon are the grandchildren of ‘Play In A Day’ guitar legend Burt Weedon OBE, while Jack Bowden’s mother and sister are both music teachers.

Tors explain, “The ‘Miracle’ EP is the truest form of Tors we’ve ever released, a body of work that finally feels and sounds like the band we are in our heads. We recorded it buried in the wild forests and hills of Woodstock, New York with Simone Felice – the creative process was a whirlwind of noise, laughter and cutting the bullshit till we knew what we were looking for and the mission became clear. We got to see the studio in blistering summer, bone-rattling snow and everything in between. Something about the magical environment and Simone’s undeniable mentorship inspired us to record the strongest songs we’ve released to date. We are so excited for this EP to be out in the world and can’t wait for what’s next.”

The EP’s new focus track ‘Still Life’ shines with the spirit of Woodstock. An upbeat guitar laden anthem, it’s a song that feels built for epic road trips into the great unknown – yet for all its inspiring feeling, it’s very much a song that mourns a relationship as it drifts into its final moment.

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