2023 saw Tors dash from highlight-to-highlight, taking in their first playlists at BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2, selling out their first UK headline tour, a sold-out headline gig in New York and playing shows with the likes of Cian Ducrot, Sam Ryder, Freya Ridings and Tom Walker. They’re now again raising the bar in 2024, first with a European run as guests to James Blunt and then with their biggest UK headline tour. Now they release their first single of the year in the shape of ‘Happy Enough’ ahead of a new EP this spring. Listen HERE.

Tors’ music has become renowned for their soaring melodies, sweet three-way vocal harmonies, and soul-searching lyricism, and those qualities remain in sharp focus on ‘Happy Enough’ – particularly as the hook contrasts the desire to be happier in life, love and more with the reality of only being happier when high or drunk. This time, however, it complements the intensity of its emotions with a more dynamic sound that matches the energy of their live shows.

Tors commented, “‘Happy Enough’ is a song about the dangers of pursuing happiness, chasing a feeling you know you can’t sustain. In this life we’re taught to measure our worth in success, money and legacy leaving most of us scared we’ve wasted our time and worried about what we’ll leave behind. So we run headfirst into quick fixes and simulations of happiness that leave us lower than where we started, instead of processing our emotions and the ebb and flow of the human condition. Happiness is only part of what makes life worth living and like the best things it doesn’t last forever.”


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