Troi Irons is fresh from gaining acclaim from the likes of Notion, CLASH, American Songwriter and Wonderland on the back of stellar singles miss u now and FLOWERS. LA based polymath Troi Irons today reveals new track Am I Happening, a sumptuous indie offering showcasing Troi Irons’ dreamy vocals laid on top of a beautiful arrangement. Speaking on the track, Troi Irons states:

Am I Happening is about my toxic tendency to use fleeting relationships to fill the hole in my heart. Did I ever really give anything if I needed to be needed? Sometimes I feel I don’t exist if no one is looking at me. I’m trying really hard to exist on my own. The silence of these days has been pretty difficult but it’s brought me right into the center of my issues. For that I’m thankful. 

Watch the video below.

A female in a genre where they are few and far in between, Troi Irons creates music on her own terms. A polymathic artist who writes and produces her own music, Irons calls upon her talent as a gifted multi-instrumentalist to create an authentic, raw sound. Her mission: to spark a new renaissance of genre-bending indie rock and pop.

An interest in music came natural for Troi and was encouraged by her parents who were also musicians. When her grandparents gave her a guitar at age eleven, Troi taught herself to play by following along to Green Day’s “American Idiot”. From then Troi immersed herself in classical compositions and rock music. Inspired by the rawness of what she heard she began writing her own songs after she graduated high school at the age of twelve and hasn’t slowed down since. Look out for her sophomore album FLOWERS soon.

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