Everything turns to sh*t, but El Goodo can’t stop singing! Welsh explorers of rich, analogue sound release their latest, brilliantly pessimistic single: Turn Things Around.

Singing a gleaming, harmony rich song with a barely hidden lyrics of downcast hopelessness, overlooked Welsh sonic explorers, El Goodo present a glorious anthem for there being just no point in trying in Things Turn Around – OUT NOW on Strangetown Records. Brilliantly transposing a powder dry sense of humour to tape, the four-piece plug in to the melodic essence of The Byrds while staring from their windows in the Vale of Neath, regretting ever getting out of bed.

Things Turn Around’s accompanying video unearths never-before-seen footage of the band on the road with the Super Furry Animals, capturing a month of playful joy as 2006’s Love Kraft tour wound its way from town to town. Matching the song’s downcast lyrics cut with sparkling instrumentation, the band look back at a time of youthful hope and smile at squandered opportunity.

Starting out as an idea indebted to Harvest-era Neil Young. Things Turn Around finds band leader Pixy Jones (lead vocals/guitars/keys) toying with listener’s emotions. He says of the track: “Lyrically, it’s a bit of a joke. Me finding as many different ways as I can to say that everything’s going to turn to shit. The video footage seemed to suit the song in that they were great times, but that was the peak from which we started our journey into obscurity.”

Things aren’t, in reality, all that bad for El Goodo, whose first single, The Grey Tower, from upcoming album, Zombie (released on Fri 7 August), received extensive critical praise and gained radio support from BBC 6 Music. Swaying from triumphant, heart lifting, West Coast gold to banjo-plucking, dustbowl country, there’s definitely no band quite like El Goodo.

El Goodo – Things Turn Around
From the forthcoming album, Zombie, released on Fri 7 August 2020
Strangetown Records
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