Nashville based, British singer-songwriter Twinnie shares her new Blue Hour (After Dark). This year has seen Twinnie global status go from strength to strength, her record Bad Man was playlisted on 55 Cumulus Radio Stations in the States and recently made her inaugural US TV and Radio appearances. On November 3rd she will make history with her Grand Ole Opry debut by becoming the first Romani traveler to step into the famous circle.

The Blue Hour (After Dark) EP further showcases that Twinnie can break down barriers and create songs that are not pigeonholed to one specific genre style. Born out of a place of real hurt and heartbreak, this project takes listeners on a journey of pain, loss, and self-discovery. It’s a collection of songs that truly put the spotlight on Twinnie’s outstanding artistry.

Speaking about the Blue Hour (After Dark) EP, Twinnie states: “All these songs were born out of something that hurt me. This EP is straight from my heart to yours. It was in the early hours where these words came and I was able to articulate what I was feeling. Obviously, I hope you like it but I think of all the songs I’ve ever released this body of work is my best. Perhaps it’s because it’s so personal and led me to a new life that served me better, and made me braver, stronger and happier. Don’t get me wrong memories still burn and I still think of the what-ifs but at this point, I’ve learned to trust whatever is meant for me will never pass me by. I hope you find healing in it just like I did”

Along with her Opry debut, Twinnie will be playing multiple gigs in the US and UK including her homecoming show at Bush Hall on December 21.

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