TWISTED WHEELS’ S new EP ‘Jonny Guitar’ charted at a Number 1 chart position on Friday in the official UK physical charts – twenty minutes before the band went on stage supporting Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park.

The fierce ascent has been since driven further by a swelling of fans across the UK and beyond with the digital download release yesterday.

Back in the 1990’s bands were made by EPs. An EP was to the band what the short story is to the writer.  It was not the mixtape. It was not a catalogue of all your old songs. It was the punchline to everything you were about and yet to be.

And creating a sound EP is often harder than collating an album. It is a work of art, sweat and guts as well as cunning charm offensive. And Twisted Wheel, the band that, like a bad junkie, refused to just go away, thrown to the dogs as another indie/punkrock whatever has returned leading the pack and carrying the biggest bone. 

The imperative has found its way through sold-out shows on Twisted Wheel’s recent ‘Snakes and Ladders’ tour, up and down the UK, and now in the form of the release of its EP, ‘Jonny Guitar’.  Featuring four tracks: the eponymous ‘Jonny Guitar’, a coyote chorus with raging guitars documenting the brutal mundanity of addiction, ‘Rebel’, the bittersweet roar of loneliness  with psychedelic overtones, ‘Keep it up Boy’ is a memorable rock ‘n’roll groover with walls of sound and hope finishing with an achingly haunting tribute to a pigeon in ‘The Convoy Man.’

With a multitude of subtle influences for the more precise, TW’s real strength is in its ability to pound out genuine songs that activate your gut and your memory and swell audience’s hearts, the backbone of rock and roll.

The EP will be followed up with more supporting slots with Liam Gallagher over the summer, festivals and a new headline tour in October- December ahead of the album launch.

Twisted Wheel is no longer a threat on the horizon; the charted EP proves they are now pounding on the door.



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