MarthaGunn have shared a poignant new music video for their track ‘Undone’, taken from their debut album ‘Something Good Will Happen’, released last month via Communion. Watch the video here and stream the album here.

The video for ‘Undone’ stars dancer and choreographer Abdur-Rahim Jackson, who the band met several years ago at Peaky Blinders Festival in Birmingham. MarthaGunn knew they had to work with Abdur the moment they saw him, with his mesmerising dancing, dressed in flowing black robes with a striking silhouette.

“We introduced ourselves and exchanged information. He’s always been at the back of our minds as someone we’d love to work with – even before we’d seen him dance, there was an energy.” the band’s frontwoman Abi Woodman explains.

“Undone is a very physical song. Not only in its rhythm but the physical emotion of becoming undone. This is central to what it meant to write it and how we wanted it to come across musically. Asking Abdur to create a dance for the song felt like a perfect opportunity, perhaps a long shot after looking through his credits [Beyoncé, Shania Twain], but he miraculously agreed to it! After realising he was based in New York we managed to pull together a team remotely to create this film. From the first iPhone draft of the choreography, Abdurs understanding of the lyrics and his ability to channel and translate them through his movements astounded us.”

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