Emerging as a force of nature across popular culture, critically acclaimed trailblazer UPSAHL shares a new single and music video entitled “Melatonin,” out now vis RCA Records UK.

About the single, she revealed, “I wrote “Melatonin” shortly after the breakup that inspired my song “Douchebag.” I wasn’t sleeping. I was super anxious and had crazy insomnia. “Melatonin” is about being so overwhelmed with your emotions that you can’t even escape your problems in your dreams. That said, I wanted people to be able to dance in their dreams and have a little fun while they can’t sleep, so we made the production feel like a party!”

As such, the track slips from dreamy production swells into a danceable funk bassline on the bridge. Her voice ebbs and flows between stark confessions, “I think I had too much to drink” and, “I got issues in my mind, and I gotta face ‘em.” Meanwhile, the hook instantly captivates with dynamically dreamy energy. Insomnia now has a bop of its own.

Regarding the music video, she added, “The director, George Gallardo, and I wanted to show what “sleep paralysis” would look like as a person—someone who can make your best dreams feel dark. I go on a journey with this sleep paralysis character, ultimately leading to a nightmare. In the beginning, the character is sexy. I’m intrigued, just like a new romantic relationship. Once I’m taken into this dream world, which seems like an escape at first, rubbish begins to hit the fan. This character figuratively and literally kicks my backside! Even though the video is quite literally about anxiety in dreams, I think the arc of it is very similar to the arc of failed relationships. They can start off amazing, but when they end, it can mess you up.”

In the visual, she drifts off into this otherworldly dream state beckoned by a figure covered head-to-toe in black latex. UPSAHL dances with this entity before the action takes a surprising turn.

To celebrate the release of “Melatonin”, UPSAHL will kick off a string of fall dates across the U.S. opening for Olivia O’Brien starting August 30th. She will also play a headline show at the Courtyard Theatre in London on October 12th. Check out the full itinerary below.

Everything paves the way for UPSAHL’s much-anticipated full-length debut album due out this October.

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