Waterparks have unveiled their new single, ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’. via Fueled By Ramen.

The sincere anthem explores Awsten’s self-imposed restrictions that keep him from being the best version of himself. Like listening to an internal dialogue, airy verses culminate with a self-effacing query, “What the hell is wrong with me?” Meanwhile, snappy guitars and fuzzy electronics underline the manically catchy hook highlighted by Awsten’s wild sky-high register.

The spirited vocals and infectiously cheerful guitar riff perfectly contrast with the song’s diary-esque lyrics. ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’ is yet another example of the trio’s uncanny knack for the unpredictable.

Following up Waterparks’ Fueled By Ramen debut single, ‘FUNERAL GREY,’ the trio continues their new era. An era that sees the band step into a more mature sound and look, elevating the image and sonics that have already accumulated over half a billion career streams to date, with over 2M monthly listeners and 400,000 Spotify followers. Their last album, Greatest Hits, debuted with over 15,000 album-unit equivalents in the US, earning it the no. 5 spot on Billboard’s Alt/Rock chart.

Additionally, the trio are headlining the Sad Summer Festival, presented by Journeys, at all eighteen stops across the US as well as touring across the US. Check out the full list of tour dates HERE

Waterparks, composed of Awsten Knight [vocals, guitar], Otto Wood [drums], and Geoff Wigington [guitar]—manically move forward, shucking and jiving between fits of rock, alternative, electronic with pop ambition and hip-hop’s bold and blatant disregard for the rules.

The Houston trio has landed the covers of Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset, Alternative Press, V Magazine and more and have garnered support from Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, finding themselves on numerous New Music Fridays and countless rock/alt playlists. The band has also topped the Billboard 200 chart. Waterparks’ unique and genre-blending sound puts them in a lane all their own, melding rock, pop, hip-hop, alternative, indie, electronic, and even R&B.

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