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WEEZER Presents SZNZ: In Residence On Broadway

Each night’s show will not only correspond with a different season’s EP

Weezer celebrate their innovative new SZNZ project – a collection of four EPs matching each season – the band is thrilled to announce a short residency on Broadway this fall. The run, which will happen September 13 through September 18, will be unlike any shows Weezer have played before.  Each night’s show will not only correspond with a different season’s EP, but will see the band reaching deep into their catalog to play a unique set of Weezer classics, many of which have not been played in years.  A fifth night of shows will be a mix of all the songs from SZNZ and Weezer fan favourites from the previous four nights.

Each show will be at The Broadway Theatre (1681 Broadway). Tickets are on sale June 24th at 10 am ET; get tickets at Telecharge HERE or by calling 212-239-6200.

The announcement of the band’s residency on Broadway comes on the heels of earning their record-breaking, 8th ever #1 song at Alternative Radio for SZNZ: Spring’s amazing single “A Little Bit Of Love.”  This is Weezer’s third #1 at Alternative radio in a row.  Click HERE to listen to the track.

Like its predecessor, SZNZ: SpringSZNZ: Summer is out RIGHT NOW, on the Summer Equinox, of course.  The band performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, for the second part of their seasonal residency, performing Summer’s lead single “Records.”  “Records,” like all the songs on SZNZ: Summer, fits perfectly alongside tracks from heavier, guitar solo-driven Weezer records.

SZNZ: Summer, the second part in Weezer’s four-EP song cycle, continues the narrative started on SZNZ: Spring, bringing Pagan myths, Shakespeare, Catholic rituals, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and more to life.  It’s an angrier, indignant scorcher of an EP, taking the place of SZNZ: Spring’s light-hearted tone.  SZNZ: Summer is the classic Weezer 90’s Alt rock sound filtered through 21st century production, making every note – and every emotion – bigger and bolder.  Like on Spring, lyrics juxtapose ancient and modern elements right next to each other in a seamless way that only frontman Rivers Cuomo can make feel relatable and relevant.

“Lawn Chair” calls on archangels to torture humans, followed by “Records,” which may be the only song you’ll hear in 2022 that references pop stars in its chorus.  The songs detail irreverent proclamations (“What if I was to say ‘hell no, i’m not your soldier boy”), standing up for yourself, revenge fantasies (“Feed ‘em to the lions/Taste your own medicine”), and more.  The EP as a whole pulls together some of the most notable melodic threads from the band’s acclaimed output over the last eight years:  the incredible sprawl of “Thank You and Good Night” recalls parts of Everything Will Be Alright In The End’s Futurescope Trilogy; “What’s The Good Of Being Good” has a classic vocal line that would’ve been right at home on Weezer (The White Album). Indeed, SZNZ is now two EP’s in, and is shaping up to be one of Weezer’s most exciting projects to date.