A real-world traveller with a gypsy heart and a storyteller’s soul, the rising international country-pop star Twinnie today shares her powerful new single ‘Welcome To The Club’ along with its official video. The track builds upon the success of her debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’, which was named as Radio 2’s Album of the Week and earned upbeat comparisons with Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. Listen HERE. Watch the official video below.

Written, produced and recorded entirely in Nashville, the song sees Twinnie delivering vibrant lyrics and effervescent melodies that boasts self-love, self-confidence and acceptance. A fresh voice for the outliers and an advocate for all, Twinniehas created a meaningful musical refuge for people on the fringe, where everyone is welcome, respected, and celebrated. Feeling like an outsider for most of her life, Twinnie wanted to create an oasis for everyone, where weirdness is celebrated, and loneliness is a thing of the past.

Delivered with colourful vibrance, this whole-hearted invitation spotlights inclusivity. As Twinnie sings, “We’re all human / Just doing, doing what we’re doing / Some days are down and some days are up, we all need a little love / So welcome to the club.”

Twinnie says, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

‘Welcome To The Club’ was written by Twinnie, Phil Barton and Lindsay Rhymes, and it was produced by Ben Johnson.

‘Welcome To The Club’ is the first track to be released from Twinnie’s upcoming collection of songs that will be released over the course of this spring and summer. All of her new music was written, recorded and produced in Nashville, where she has been regularly working since 2015. The song’s accompanying music videos will combine to create a stand-alone film that tells an emotional story of self-acceptance. Self-directed, choreographed and produced, the videos depict the emotions we all go through, from feeling like an outsider and hiding our true feelings to embracing ourselves and accepting each other for who we are.

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