Following a recent performanceat P!NK’s Summer Carnival at BST Hyde Park and sold-out show at Courtyard theatre, Will Linley now releases his new heartfelt single “Gracie” today via Island Records. Listen HERE.

Linley addresses his future soulmate with a fresh sense of hopefulness. In the chorus he sings, “But when I find Gracie, I know she’ll be the one to save me from my broken heart. Come take me far away from this loneliness, hoping that somebody like you exists.” The song captures the relatable excitement of pondering a nearing romantic future. Linley continues to demonstrate his growing understanding of the pop genre by creating personal tracks that encapsulate the emotional, and at times confusing, circumstances of Gen Z relationships. With the combination of Linley’s smooth vocals and the upbeat acoustic backing, listeners can’t help but feel butterflies.

Linley elaborates on his writing process and the meaning behind the single saying, “I wrote “Gracie” a year ago with two friends of mine Johnny and Adam. We began the session by catching up and just chatting about life; my brother had recently gotten married so I was telling them all about that. I started talking about how I’ve always been interested with the idea of never knowing who you’re gonna end up with one day. Have I met my future wife? Is she somewhere overseas? Is she living just down the street and I don’t know it? Johnny was just giggling with me telling me how he had just gotten engaged to his then-fiancé, now wife Lily! So, we ended up writing a song for the person that I’ll end up with one day. It’s a love letter to my “Gracie.” We don’t know who she is, but I just can’t wait for the day that our paths cross.”

“Gracie” follows the release of Will Linley’s recent single “Tough (The Girls Song)”. Will recently performed at P!NK’s Summer Carnival at BST Hyde Park. Will will be returning to the states in October 2023 to perform two shows in New York and L.A.

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