21-year-old singer songwriter Will Linley returns today with the youthful, nostalgic, party anthem “Last Call” out now via Island Records. Of the track, Linley states: “’Last Call’ is a song that encapsulates the feeling of falling in love. It is born from a place of nostalgia, romance; ‘rolling credits end scene’ energy! It’s a song people can dance too, listen to on long road trips, or just in the shower.” Listen HERE.

The global pandemic was a time of isolation for many, but Will found an opportunity for connection from his bedroom in Cape Town, South Africa. He took social media by storm with his first ever single “miss me (when you’re gone),” and as the song continued to sky-rocket, Will quickly realized that his personal feelings resonated with a much larger audience beyond himself. After spending the last year touring Europe & South Africa, Will is brimming with new music and is ready to bring his enthusiasm and laughter to the rest of the world.

21-year-old musician & songwriter Will Linley can’t remember a time in his life without music. Born & raised in Cape Town, South Africa, a career in music was a distant dream as he grew up singing with his three brothers and studied classical singing in high school. He began writing songs at a young age, and started teasing his music in 2020 on TikTok, where he found a global connection with fans through his honest lyricism and uplifting positivity. The singer’s debut single, “miss me (when you’re gone)” evoked a universal connection amongst fans and gained major traction after Will teased it online. “miss me (when you’re gone)” was released in November 2021, and has since gone #1 on radio in South Africa and has achieved Gold status.

Will released his debut EP kill all my feelings in July 2022 to radio success and critical acclaim, with Texx & The Citysaying Will is “leading the charge” for pop music in South Africa, and The Honey Pop describing Will as a “true star being born.” Since then, Will has performed on the main stage at the Rocking The Daisies festival, toured around Europe with Matthew Mole, and opened up for OneRepublic on their South African tour dates. Will Linley’s music has been described as “happy sad” music: upbeat songs about a broken heart. He assures everyone that he is ok!

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