Wrabel continues an already exciting 2023 with his latest single “abstract art.” A summery ode to embracing all that makes you your own unique work of art, the song serves as the first taste of what’s to come from the celebrated singer/songwriter’s new EP chapter of you, which will drop August 25.

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“I wrote ‘abstract art’ with Eric Leva and Sam de Jong. This is a song for everyone that’s ever felt like an outsider… like a weirdo,” says Wrabel. “It’s for us. Not everyone is gonna understand us, but I’m here to tell you that you’re beautiful in the most special and unique way. You bring the world joy and love, and you change this world simply by existing in it as your true and authentic self.”

chapter of you will be Wrabel’s second EP release this year, following April’s chapter of me. Later this year, both EPs will be brought together to help create his second full-length album, based on a true story, which will arrive on November 17.

Wrabel describes the forthcoming EP as “a collection of songs for, well, you. I offer you these songs in hopes that they instill hope, love, joy… a safe little place you can go in your car or living room or headphones to feel hopefully a little bit better.”

Wrabel’s springtime chapter of me EP earned praise from Billboard, who called it “a further testament to the singer-songwriter’s skill with his pen,” and People who added that “Wrabel’s mass appeal is his ability to unite people in their experiences, especially those that maybe aren’t so often talked about.” 

Earlier this summer, Wrabel released “Turn Up the Love,” as the PRIDE anthem he wrote for AT&T Turn Up the Love 2023 campaign, and also saw his earlier catalog song “The Village” go viral when the inspiring dance troupe Unity. 

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