Wrabel offers fans space for hope, comfort, and belonging on his new EP, chapter of you, out now. It’s the second of a trio of releases that come together to form based on a true story, his new full-length album out November 17th via Big Gay Records/Nettwerk. Listen to chapter of you HERE.

On the release, Wrabel says, “I am so thrilled to release chapter of you, the second chapter of this project. This is a collection of songs from me to you… conversations with friends turned into songs. I hope this offers you a shoulder to cry on, a friend to celebrate with, and a reminder that you are not alone.”

‘Based on a true story’ incorporates his springtime EP ‘chapter of me’, which explores themes of heartbreak, personal empowerment, and in the case of standout single “one drink away,” the power of the human spirit to cope with addiction, and today’s chapter of you, a collection dedicated to all those who listen, about just getting through all this with unabashed sonic hugs, like in the bright affirmation of breakout single “abstract art.” It also includes three previously unreleased tracks, completing the narrative of this journey through our shared emotions. Already considered one of pop music’s most eloquent and accomplished modern day songwriters, these songs see Wrabel probing emotional depths he’s yet to publicly explore, delivering an album that is more expansive in its sound, its vision, and in Wrabel’s tactile reflections about the human condition.

Earlier this summer, Wrabel released “Turn Up the Love,” as the PRIDE anthem he wrote for AT&T Turn Up the Love 2023 campaign, and also saw his earlier catalog song “The Village” go viral when the inspiring dance troupe Unity auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent with a routine set to the song. Last week, he released a collaboration video with Unity for the song, which really hammers home the unifying message of the song. Initially inspired by a powerful meeting with two transgender fans of his, the song has been praised by People Magazine, Out Magazine, Billboard, and more. Wrabel also spoke with Good Morning America last year about how he hopes his music connects with people to offer solace and community when they need it the most.


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