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‘Wrong Reasons’ the new video from Denis Coleman

Following on from the release of his single, ‘Wrong Reasons’ Denis shares the video

Following on from the release of his single, ‘Wrong Reasons’ earlier this month, pop music’s one-to-watch, Denis Coleman, has shared the song’s official music video which he also wrote and co-directed with Greta Isaac.

Combining swift camera movements, disorientated angles and flashing lights, the music video perfectly captures the anxieties and downfalls of loving someone for the ‘Wrong Reasons’, whilst highlighting Denis as a triple-threat – singer, songwriter and director. The video opens with Denis holding a tangerine whilst sitting in a dark dressing room, only to discover the fruit is rotten on the inside. He then navigates his way down dark hallways to an empty stage, whilst experiencing the emotional and physical effects of loving someone who ( like the tangerine) is bad on the inside.

Speaking about the music video and his directorial vision, Denis explains: “In many ways I treated the Wrong Reasons Music Video like a movie. I tried to capture a sense of cinematic escapism in the track and wanted the video to reflect that. After I came up with the premise, I ended up writing down pages of text describing every second of the video – the action, the location, the mood, the meaning – in painstaking detail. The next step was translating the vision into visuals. I was so fortunate to be able to work with a really talented team who helped make all of my crazy ideas a reality, from the self-referencing blood orange/tangerine, to the symbolism of the roses cutting my face, to the central metaphor of performance as a lens through which to view loving someone for “the wrong reasons”.

At only 18-years-old, Denis Coleman has already begun to establish himself as a serious contender in music. He began his musical journey when he was 6 years-old,  after he picked up the violin for the first time and didn’t put it down again. Two years later, he developed a flair for writing music and lyrics, and composed music at the world leading conservatoire, London’s  Royal College of Music (RCM) . He continued to develop his craft and his hard work paid off when one of his compositions was selected to be played at London’s iconic venue, The Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms.

His transition into pop music started in his early teens,  when he won the Open Mic UK Future Music Songwriting Competition with a self-written pop song. Since then, Denis’ pop career has seen impressive milestones, where he boasts supporting credits for the tours and shows of artists including The Vamps, New Hope Club, Why Don’t We and most recently, HRVY’s Global Live Stream at The Royal Albert Hall. He has also released a collection of singles over the years with his 2020 remixed single ‘Make Friends (R3HAB Remix) ’ garnering 1.9 Million Spotify streams and counting, as well as releasing his debut EP ‘Don’t Wait’ during lockdown.

With the ‘Wrong Reasons’ music video out now, fans won’t have to wait much longer for Denis’ next offering – a thrilling Billen Ted Remix out next Friday, July 2nd.