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‘Yellow Yellow Yellow’ is the latest from Yxngxr1

“An emerging talent who has quickly become a viral music sensation.” – Spindle

‘YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW’ is the latest track from Yxngxr1 and is a real and relatable from the get-go: opening track ‘Born Into Pain’ reminisces on school days and his childhood and sets up the ongoing themes on the EP about Yxngxr1’s exes and everyday life with friends and family, whilst also wondering if people will remember him one day. The post break-up single ‘Something (Demo)’ is a lead up to summer single, just about my exes and being a little sad boy still”.

‘Hope Ur Good’ demonstrates a darker, moodier tone that we haven’t heard from the young artist before. A sparkling guitar riff rings out over an unobtrusive beat, but it’s his lyrics that really standout. They depict reflective moments of small moments in a relationship that meant a lot – even if they’re lost to the past. Closing track ‘STAY INSIDE’ is full of young adult apathy and resigned romantic despair.

Each of the 8-tracks rarely stretch much beyond the two-minute mark and Yxngxr1 gets straight to the point. Bouncy beats quickly lead to earwormy grooves and lo-fi sounds, the mood somehow both uplifting and nostalgic.

Yxngxr1 hopes that this latest EP will be the second of five EPs that he’ll release this year. While he has big plans, it’s a goal with a deeper motivation than simple ambition. It’s the recognition that he wants to replay the fan community for the opportunity they’ve given him.

“YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW is a follow up to childhood dreams” explains Yxngxr1. “When I was younger I could never say the word ‘YELLOW’ so my mum would constantly say “YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW” to try to help me learn. The songs on this EP are based around things I’d do as a child and teenager mixed with the themes of heartbreak and love. I recorded and mixed it all on garageband. We even looked into the small things like making the songs transition from one to the next to give it a nice flow. It’s just something to vibe to, definitely my favourite project I’ve made”.