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Photo © Caitlin Cronenberg

‘You Can Get It’ new release from the Arkells

Hailed by Canada’s The Globe and Mail as “the right kind of band for this decade,”

Arkells  have returned with their brand new single and video You Can Get It featuring K.Flay, out today on Virgin Music.

You Can Get It announces itself from the first note and asks a very simple question: “Tell me what you want?” The sentiment, much like its sound is both fearless and steadfast. They want you to think big.

Recorded with K.Flay in Los Angeles prior to 2020’s lockdown, the song has taken on a new sense of relevance and urgency, after having been stuck inside for a year. “It feels like the sun is finally coming out, and the song is about being free to chase down every dream and desire,” says Arkells frontman, Max Kerman. 

When we started writing this song, the world felt dark,” he continues. “We were looking for answers. You look to people who give you energy. You look for little moments that can lead you on a new path. Collaborating with K.Flay gave us that jolt. She turned the song on its head and drove it home. Our band is always evolving and growing, and she’s now in the family.”

The video is a fun play on the iconic game show Wheel Of Fortune with Max Kerman putting a spin on the role of iconic co-host Vanna White, while his bandmates play through a game of puzzles that spell out meaningful experiences we’ve longed for while in lockdown. The ‘wheel’ depicts what’s coming up next, whether that is a live performance break, experiences with loved ones, or announcing K.Flay’s entrance to the song.

“This song is about finding your momentum, the potential energy that’s inside of you,” says K.Flay. “The moment when you scream to yourself “I DON’T GIVE A F*CK TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! YOU CAN GET IT!” So often, the future doesn’t just feel unknowable — it feels impossible. We wanted this song to feel like possibility…Like the world is opening up..Like you are powerful.”